Nancy Lynett

Author: Northern Veterinary Services |

It's all about the staff at  Northern Veterinary Services.  They are so wonderful and so caring about both myself and our pets.  Everyone of the staff members is friendly, seems to genuinely love their work, their patients and always follow up to see how our pets are doing.
We've been seeing Dr. Fielding for quite a few years now and she always listens to my concerns, always  spends a lot of time discussing possible diagnoses as well as possible treatment options. I love that the clinic also supports holistic medicine and never hesitates to send a referral to specialists out of town when needed.
We are a multi-pet home and the staff knows each and every one of our pets by name as well as their personality - sassiness to snuggly.
Fort McMurray is beyond fortunate to have a clinic where the staff has a genuine passion for what they do.  I can never thank each and everyone of you enough for being there for our family, our current pets as well as our pets that have crossed.  Your hard work and dedication is the primary reason we were able to have more time with our late cats as well as the ones with us today.