Not only do we see domestic pets, we are happy to treat our wild friends too!

When it comes to our wildlife patients, our goal is to treat only animals that have come by their illness or injury as a result of human contact or cause.

This little guy came to see us with a superficial gunshot wound. Fortunately for him, no vital organs were hit, which we confirmed with radiographs. He spent a few days in our care receiving some TLC, fluids, food and a comfy bed to heal up in!

This very lucky dude is feeling MUCH better and was released back into the wild!


Did you know we currently triage injured wild patients and work with wildlife rehabilitation centres in Alberta to help these animals make it back home?

This cute little boreal owl stayed very briefly with us while recovering from a head injury. We made sure he had a full tummy before releasing him back into the wild.

Veterinary Clinic Fort McMurray
Wildlife Vet Fort McMurray

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