Dr. Fielding

Veterinarian at Northern Veterinary Services

Vet Clinic in Fort McMurray, Alberta

Dr. Fielding

Jessicca Fielding is one of our amazing Veterinarians here at NVS. Jessicca attended the Nova Scotia Agricultural College where she obtained her undergraduate degree; she then went on to Atlantic Veterinary College in PEI where she graduated with her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 2012. Jessicca promptly moved to Fort McMurray and fell in love with the community, the people and the surrounding nature. Knowing just how important the need for pet care in the region is, she decided to open Northern Veterinary Services in 2019. Jessicca has been blessed with the BEST team of superhumans who are just as passionate about caring for the animals in our wonderful community.

Jessicca migrated to Fort McMurray with a small crew of pets, including Cajun, her GSD, who is now 12 years old, and Ares and Breaca, her 14 and 13 year old kitties. She now also has Falcon, a 6 year old GSD, Dick, a 4 year old Alaskan Husky and Oscar, an 8 month old Fort McMurray ‘special’, as well as Rue, a 6 year old 3-legged rescue kitty, Panic, a pint sized 5 year old rescue Devon Rex, and Floki, the holy terror of sassy iguanas who was also a rescue. Outside the home lives Thor, a ginormous Percheron. If she could add to her crew Jessicca has always wanted a Friesian. Jessicca’s hobbies include trail running, horseback riding and drinking wine ;)

Dr.Fielding stresses the importance of keeping cats indoors when asked what animal issue she is passionate about. Roaming house cats have wreaked havoc on our wild bird population, not to mention the plethora of severe health risks to the cat just from being outside at all. Jessicca urges owners to reconsider the risks & legalities before letting your pet roam.

Jessicca is passionate about providing veterinary care to not just dogs and cats, but all the exotic, equine, farm, and wild animals in YMM. One of her many goals is to provide the best possible care to ALL of the species and to “continue my education so I can further benefit those patients that may be a bit different”.

Dr.Fielding truly strives to give the best possible care to all her patients, she truly takes the time to make sure your pet is comfortable and calm to the best of her ability. Jessicca consistently aims to maintain a happy and positive based experience for her clients and their pets whenever they come for a visit.

To help with the more stressful moments Jessicca takes a deep breath and tackles the next case. Dr.Fielding is passionate about the human animal bond and has committed herself to honoring that bond by maintaining the health of animals to the best of her ability.
We are extremely fortunate to have Dr.Fielding as a DVM & business owner here in YMM, and are so grateful to be able to work alongside her!

Northern Veterinary Services - Vet Clinic caters to Fort McMurray and the surrounding areas of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

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